Maria Teresa Mascarello

Eccomi finalmente*, begging forgiveness for this long hiatus between postings. Over the last spring and summer I had planned to travel to Piemonte in April and May but thanks to the volcano eruption in Iceland last April that prevented 10 out of a group of 14 from reaching Piemonte, I actually had to travel thereContinue reading “Maria Teresa Mascarello”

The Amazing Bruna Grimaldi

Salve* everybody! I could not have picked a better way to start our second blog posting than to announce the winner of the fantastic prize that Shop Wine and Dine was proud to offer to all participants at the Divinale-Women in Wine Week events which concluded last week at City Winery. The prize which includesContinue reading “The Amazing Bruna Grimaldi”

Welcome to Shop Wine and Dine Wine Travels blog!

I have been very patient over the last year or so, something that is not very easy for me to do, wondering when the right time might be to launch the Shop Wine and Dine Wine Travels blog. Certainly our tours featuring some of the top wine makers in Italy, indeed the world, have givenContinue reading “Welcome to Shop Wine and Dine Wine Travels blog!”