Welcome to Shop Wine and Dine Wine Travels blog!

I have been very patient over the last year or so, something that is not very easy for me to do, wondering when the right time might be to launch the Shop Wine and Dine Wine Travels blog.

Certainly our tours featuring some of the top wine makers in Italy, indeed the world, have given us plenty of material to draw upon, but something has held me back until now.

I didn’t want this to be just another blog, but as in our tours, I wanted to be able to offer a glimpse into Shop Wine and Dine’s unique perspective on what a wine tour to Italy should offer, along of course with some useful information and interesting anecdotes that visits to these winemakers “immancabilmente”* provide.

And so I decided that “Divinale-Women of Wine Week” to be held at City Winery from March 8-13, in honor of Women’s History Month, was going to be our debut into the world of blogs!

Apart from being present at the Grand Tasting on Saturday March 13 from 1-5PM, Shop Wine and Dine will be raffling off a three night package for two featuring the 5* Relais Monforte, dinner for two with wines at a Michelin 1* restaurant and a visit at a top winery in the Langhe! So if you have been dreaming of a wine tour to Piemonte, this may be the time to make your dreams come true!

But how else could we have honored Women’s History Month? Well, in true Shop Wine and Dine’s fashion we created an exceptional tour-Amazing Women of Piemonte, an Italy wine tour like no other that will feature only women winemakers and chefs, some of the best of the region, also encompassing the International Alba Truffle Fair!

In the coming weeks we will be featuring stories about these “Amazing Women of Piemonte” sharing some insights about their lives, dreams and visions for the future. We will also share some special recipes that our women chefs have generously shared with us so please look for our next posting for further details.

Lastly, Shop Wine and Dine’s mission is also about sharing insight and knowledge about Italy and Italians. As an Italian-born living in this country for many years but still thankfully deeply steeped in the Italian culture, when I speak or write I have a habit, albeit annoying even to me at times, of switching back and forth between the two languages. This happens mostly because in Italian there are certain words that defy translation as they convey a very specific thought or sentiment. I have therefore thought that rather than fighting this impulse, when this happens, I would simply use the Italian words and share them with you as my “Italian Words of the Day” with the albeit poor English translation below.

*Allora, I apologize if this initial posting is a bit longer than most might like but I certainly hope you will enjoy hearing from us with the next posting featuring one of the “Amazing Women of Piemonte”

*Un caro saluto,
Anna Maria

*Italian Words of the Day:
Immancabilmente: without fail
Allora: well then….
Un caro saluto: fond greetings (this is one of those poor English translations!)

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Shop Wine and Dine Wine Travels blog!

    1. Great hearing from you Jane and thank you for your interest in our tours.

      Indeed we do feature cooking classes on our tours and in fact the Amazing Women of Piemonte features a hands-on cooking class.

      I will forward additional information to you directly.
      Ciao, Anna Maria

  1. Wow, this sounds terrific – Piemonte wines are my favorites.

    Unfortunately I’m fully engaged in activities on 3/13 – please send info!

    1. Buongiorno Joanelle, I’m so glad you like our Amazing Women of Piemonte tour!

      I will forward the complete details to you but please remember that we will allow a maximum of ten people so please don’t wait too long to book it!
      All the best, Anna Maria

    1. It will be great seeing you at the grand tasting on Saturday Sue, but there is no cost to enter the raffle for the free trip, the entrace ticket to the event automatically qualifies you!
      In bocca al lupo! (good luck)

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